Join IX Liverpool


IX Liverpool have an open policy for members to join.  Anyone can join IX Liverpool who believe it is beneficial exchanging traffic at a local level.  As a not for Profit company, membership fee’s contribute to the running costs of the exchange and help run the day to day operations of our network.

Before joining, you should read our Connection and Joining Policy. The current cost to join the exchange is £1000 per member per year ( all three LAN’s), and comes with a 1GB port.

Customers wishing to connect to the Internet of Things (IOT) LAN only, can join for £100 per year, and that also comes with 1U of space in the IOT exchange to host low powered equipment such as microcomputers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc) or LoRaWAN type of controllers. Please note that the IOT network is a totally different exchange, it is IPV6 only and has a different MTU size as below.

IX Liverpool has two regular peering LAN’s for members to join for added redundancy should one suffer an outage.  The primary LAN is called “Titanic”, suitably named after RMS Titanic, and the secondary LAN is called “Mersey” named after the river here in Liverpool.

To join, please email


Name of LAN AS NumberIPV4 SubnetIPV6 Subnet MTU POP's Present At
Titanic AS202944185.1.71.0/25 2001:7f8:a2::/50 1500Elevator, Baltic Creative


AS202944, Baltic Creative

Internet of Things

AS202944 N/A 2001:7f8:a2:8000::/501280Elevator, Baltic Creative

To see members peering IP’s and details on the exchange, please see our Members page.